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The 3 Laws of AIM

3 Laws of AIM3 laws of AIMInspired by Isaac Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics I have engineered my own 3 guiding laws to ensure Asset Information Models (AIM)

AIM: How we create COBie from Revit Families

In the Asset Information Model we can import COBie data. This does not have to be a single dataset of the whole building because the COBie work flow was designed so that different parties could contribute data to the AIM without having to go through a modeling application. In a design model the product suppliers and…

AIM:How we create COBie from PDF’s

We have for years been faced with building Asset Information Models with very rough data. From scanned handover drawings, PDF scan, PDF vector ,Plot Files, 2D Cad. Even today with the wider use of 3D Building Modeling we are having to use our tools built developed over years the years. Our journey with BIM is probably…

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